Split PDF files using AltoSplitPDF


In today’s world where Email is considered to be the fastest way of communication either in case of the business world or in personal. We can easily communicate our ideas or business proposals or any other information and files, documents, pictures and PDFs etc by Email, just in a fraction of seconds.

When it comes to sharing a file or Document, PDF files slowly becoming the standard for sending documents online. These files are quite easy for sharing and sending but it’s also quite difficult to manipulate the PDFs like

  1. Merging the single PDFs into a whole single PDF
  2. Splitting the group of PDFs into a single PDF file.
  3. Rotate or resize PDF
  4. Editing PDF
  5. Converting PDFs into a word file and many more.


There is plenty of software available on the internet for creating or manipulating PDFs but it gets very difficult to find the best one.

Some software only provides with particular options like either you can edit the PDFs or split or merge PDFs files. Out of all Sack of software, there are some which I found most useful and easy to use. These are PDF editor, Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, Nitro PDF and AltoSplitPDF tool. I frequently use Merging and Splitting PDF options in my most of the PDFs related work and for that, I prefer to use https://www.altosplitpdf.com/ or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Altosplitpdf lets you Split PDF document easily and systematically. These Split the PDF documents into multiple PDF files or change the order of its page. Similarly, it also lets you Merge PDF documents into single PDFs or change the order of pages.


Actually, these software doesn’t split PDF file into two files, but it rather takes the page number from where you want to split and extract it into a second document.

For example-lets say, you have a PDF file of 12 pages and you want to split the file from page number 1 to page number 7 and another from page number 8 to page number 12, then to do that :

  1. You need to go to the option “split or reorder pages” in the software.
  2. You will have to select the split page option.
  3. Put “1” in the first box and “7” in the second box and click on “Save As” to save the first Merged PDF document.
  4. Similarly, Put “8” in the first box and “12” in the second box and click on “Save As” again to save the second Merged PDF document.

In this way, you can actually split PDFs by using altosplitpdf.com tool. One of the drawbacks of this software is that you will have to open the document in Adobe reader and find the pages you want to split and enter their page numbers in the altosplitpdf.com tool. There is much other software which can be used for Combining or splitting PDFs or for any other tools. Just try to find the best software you are comfortable with and can learn a lot from it.

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